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Informasjón Sirúrgiko

pa Pasjént & Famía

Chirurg Patrick Fa Si Oen

Propósito di e wèpsait aki


Kerido bisjitante, bonbini na e versjòn na Papiamentu di e wèpsait aki.

Momentariamente e teksto di e versjòn aki parsjálmente ta na Inglès aìnda pero den tempu kortiku esaki lo wordu kambia kompletamente na Papiamentu


As patients are planned for elective or emergency surgery it is essential that they receive all relevant information prior to their intervention, this is their basic right and a duty of the treating medical practitioner in order for the patients to give their consent for treatment. In the case of surgery, this preoperative information needs to be readily available and accessible for our local population.

Towards this end this website was created.

Patients, Family and GP's can find relevant information on the most common elective and emergency surgery performed in the menu above under the tab Surgical Fields Information.

Furthermore, other information for patients and family can be found under the Patient Resources tab

In the case of any questions, patients or family can reach out and contact through the Contact tab


Optimal Patient Care



Safety First...

Everything we do has one central thought, the age old medical adagium

Primum non Nocere which translates to do no (further) harm.

This means that we are making sure that the environment around the patient is safe.


All surgery goes through protocol safety checkups

-before surgery (screening by the department of anesthesiology and if needed other  

 specialties such as internal medicine and cardiology)

-during surgery (the WHO advocated sign-in, time-out and sign-out checklist  


-after surgery (protocol postoperative and follow-up checks)


In and out...

With modern minimal invasive techniques we continuously strive for minimal

impact and minimal complication of our surgery.

In addition, postoperative modern fast-track protocols are applied to ensure

speedy recovery.

This leads to less time in the hospital and a better overall experience of the surgery.



Evidence based Medicine and Data Driven Medicine.

​This means that everything that is done does has to be verifiable.

To enable this we have set up our digital databank program that gives real-time

feedback on all surgery related information and surgical results.

The periodical (validated) surgical results reports can be accessed

under the Patient Resources tab.



The Right of the Patient to Correct Treatment

Every patient has the right to a correct treatment, not only technical and medical but

also on a personal attention level. 

Any patient at any time may have questions on his or her received treatment,

or the way they were attended by a surgeon, these questions may even result in a

dissatisfaction or a complaint. It is important to understand that this is a patient's right.

Any caregiver must be open to criticism and willing to listen to the feedback and possible dissatisfaction of the patient. This feedback, if processed correctly will lead to a better and safer care for the patient.

This is what we call a learning environment.

For more information on this and the process of canalizing dissatisfaction or complaint about a caregiver please look under the tab Patient and Family Rights in the menu above.

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