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In collaboration with the Netherlands-Caribbean Foundation for Higher Clinical Education (NASKHO) and the University of groningen and the University hospital of Groningen (UMCG) the Curacao Surgery Group provides full surgical internship for interns of the University of Groningen medical school (with the possibility of accomodating interns from other medical programs). This internship program and extensive academical relationship with the University of Groningen has been running for more then 10 years.

The CSG offers a well balanced combination of broad exposure to general and modern  surgery,extensive pathology and multicultural elements and working environment in a well founded academic structure. Of course after work hours is not too shabby in the Caribbean either...

The current coordinator of the internship program is Dr.D.R.Nellensteijn, MD


For questions about doing your surgical internship in Curacao please contact Miss Scarlet van Belle at the NASKHO organisation through


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